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Just another CAD modeller


In January 2010 I won a screenplay competition of my university and was given support to realize my screenplay. So I created various storyboards and keysketches, modeled the main character, a little robot, and directed the short clip.
After a friend has won a script competition in 2009, I was able to contribute to the realization of a short professional clip. Especially in the early phases I helped deliberating the story and created the storyboard.
Product design of the case of a clock which features new motion driven functions. Designed in cooperation with the inventor and design engineer using Rhinoceros and Keyshot. The Class A surfaces with c2-curvatures give the case a very solid and precious appearance. Photo of the prototype.
Photo of the prototype
Sport kites with 4 lines are like marionettes in the sky. To consist in competition you need a very fast yet extremely precise kite without any compromises. As there were no kites like that available I invented the Kamikaze, succeeded in competitions, built and sold it. The design was patented and the Kamikaze is still successfully participating in european competitions and therefore well known in the small european quadline kite scene.
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