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Last year exam at TU Dresden 2007: Versatile Airborn Platform for Earth Observation (VAPEO)
The Vapeo is an innovative ultralight airplane which can transport about 50 kg of sensor camera systems in the hollow standard wings. It can be dissassembled easily for air cargo transportation. A unique design and a new steering system make this observation platform inexpensive, easy to handle and therefore also attractive for developing countries.
A better observation of the earth surface will make it easier to diagnose and control climate change effects. As satellites are expensive and depend on a cloud free sky, a versatile yet very mobile ultralight minimum plane may serve as an innovative tool to observe the surface in an inexpensive way and with great detailing.
A central steering device integrates effective steering, automatic navigation and precise operation of the sensor systems.
The central box between the standard wings houses most of the package components. Consequently abandoning struts makes it an aerodynamic and clean platform.
The possibility to transport the Vapeo as standard air cargo (max length: 3100 mm) makes it extremely flexible and easy to use where ever the site of operation may be.

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